Sport Stories


Sport Stories builds and protects the image of athletes

Sport Stories begins with the personal story behind the sport and the emotions that come with it.
Not just the story of the athlete, but also of his coach, family, supporters and sponsor.
Out of this all-round view we create an optimal environment in which the athlete can realize
their ambitions. This support encompasses:

Looking for sponsors that do the right thing

Advice about media and the management of agreements

Offering a platform on which we offer our services and/or products
to fans and sponsors

Starting from a relationship built on trust and cooperation, we work together to find out
how the sports person can best tell his or her story and make it real. Sport Stories stands side by side
with the sports person. We are young, professional, involved, solutions focused, open-minded
and personal. Your success is our main goal.

Sport Stories is looking for companies that fits
the image and the sport of the athlete.


Sport Stories works with endless passion for:


Sporting talents are often focused on just one thing: realizing their sporting ambitions.
But to achieve that, one has to look beyond the sport itself. Success comes at a price.
If you have achieved sporting success, the media is suddenly knocking on your door
with its intrusive questions. Companies want to be your sponsor and strengthen their image
via your efforts. Not all sportsmen are prepared for this, and lack the know-how to make
the right choices. For instance: exactly which clauses and options should be in a sponsor
contract? What should you look closely at before you sign? Is it even wise to go into business
with this or that company?

Wrong choices can lead to obstacles or setbacks in your commercial opportunities.
And that can really damage your main goal: your sports career. Sport Stories builds and protects
the image of its sportspeople. In doing so we create a unique environment that makes it possible
for you to focus on your talent, your ambitions and your achievements.


Sport Stories is always looking for companies that fit into the image of sport and outstanding
sports people. And investing in top sporting talent can contribute very positively to your company.
On the one hand successful sports people reflect the characteristics that you want your company
to embody: young, active, ambitious, powering ahead, never giving up. At the same time, people recognize
themselves in the personal image of the certain sportsman. Our goal is to match the personality of
the athlete as perfectly as possible to the way in which we present him or her to the market. Only then
will the sportsperson get in touch with the public both creatively and credibly – inspiring their fans
and increasing their fan base.

When you invest in an athlete you help them to succeed. And when they succeed,
your company succeeds, so please contact us for a non-binding first meeting and we can create
another success story together!